RCM Rose Construction Method

  • The ROSE Construction Method™ for Zero Net Energy Homes >

    Introduction The ROSE Construction Method™  (RCM) was developed to produce projects with a timeless architectural design, while incorporating standardized engineering Read More
  • ROSE Construction Method™ Residential Performance Targets >

    GRADES                                                                       HERS Index Targets                                                                                                                            Energy Star - 5 Star+, Indoor Air Plus V3.0                                    Read More
  • ROSE Construction Method™ Minimum Insulation Levels >

    The ROSE Construction Method Building Envelope+ has double wall, 2x4 stud construction, with dense pack cellulose insulation (R40) and 8" Read More
  • Complimentary Strategies to Zero Net Energy Designs >

    Building Down vs. Building Up, Muti-Generational Design & Aging in Place In areas of the country that typically cast a Read More
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ROSE Cottage Project

  • Project Overview >

    Located in a rural neighborhood section of the capital city of Concord, New Hampshire, this multi-generational, aging-in-place house demonstrates how Read More
  • Design & Innovation >

    This project takes the long-term investment of a high energy performance home and adds function and value by adding a Read More
  • Region & Community >

    The family’s decision to build a home within the City of Concord, the capital of the state of New Hampshire, Read More
  • Land & Site Ecology >

    Situated on a formerly overgrown section of farmland and scrub woodlands, the site offered no naturally flat or attractive terrain Read More
  • Bioclimate >

    The Concord climate, with its very cold winters and hot, sometimes very humid summers, required a mix of active and Read More
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Brouse our directory of Manufacterers, Distributors, Sales Reps and Suppliers that help make RCM Zero Energy a reality.

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